Who We Are


Church attendance and interest in religion is waning in most places around the country. It’s not just Millennials, but people of all generations who often walk into churches looking to find faith but come up empty. We think that’s because people are looking to find a lived faith. No longer is passively subscribing to a system of belief a compelling enough reason to belong to a church. People are looking for the kind of faith that Jesus himself was looking for – active and alive in all that we say and do, and made available to and through each and every one of us. That’s why our identity statement at All Saints’ is ‘To be the Church of Jesus’.

We believe that hope for the Christian faith, hope for the church, hope for the world is happening right here at All Saints’. We are not merely passive observers of faith. We are dynamic, progressive purveyors of Good News. All Saints’ is a place that’s alive and beating with relevance for the hope of our world.

Through our active ministry with homeless and food-insecure people at the weekly Monday Meal, to serving a monthly brunch to homeless and runaway LGBT youth to reuniting children with their parents in prison through Get On The Bus, we actively live our faith on a daily basis . . . it’s how we work to be the Church of Jesus.


We believe Jesus’ church would enthusiastically welcome all people, no exceptions, and nurture them as they find their way in a complicated world.

It would reach out to the greater community and, in every way possible, facilitate mercy and compassion.

It would value children, celebrate their uniqueness and teach them that God unconditionally loves them.

It would be grounded in a rhythm of worship, music, fellowship and service – a sacred rhythm continually made new.

Jesus’ church would be dedicated to the greatest spiritual discipline of all – loving God, and loving others as we love ourselves.


Welcome to All Saints’ Parish, Beverly Hills.

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