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Resources for Your Life’s Journey at All Saints’

As a Christian community, we believe we are called to take care of each other to the very best of our abilities. It turns out that our abilities are quite extensive! Our congregation seems to be full of people with special skills and experience they want to make available to others through All Saints’ Cares and our Pastoral Care Team.

The resources below are all about comprehensively caring for each other and we urge you to ask for our help – for you or for others. We are delighted to make All Saints’ Cares and our Pastoral Care Team available to you.

All Saints’ Cares

Life-Stage Planning

We provide resources for every member of All Saints’ to be prepared for what might be.

Life-Stage Planning resource team members offer both resources and counsel for the preparation of important documents, advance directives, planning your funeral, and offering advice in deciphering medical jargon.

Contact: Rev. Allison English (310) 275-0123 x109


Pastoral Care Resources

Eucharistic Visitors

Are you sick or shut-in due to illness, mobility issues, pregnancy or recent birth?

Eucharistic Visitors at All Saints’ will bring you communion, along with a copy of Sunday’s sermon and service leaflet.

Contact: Lonnie Hinckley 415-407-4933

Chaplaincy Ministry

This is an extension of All Saints’ pastoral care ministry available at Cedars-Sinai Hospital.

If you ever find yourself in hospital at Cedars-Sinai, make sure you indicate that you’re an Episcopalian. Frequently one of our All Saints’ chaplains will be available to visit and pray with you.

If you are hospitalized elsewhere, please let us know by emailing us. When we’re aware of your need we can arrange to visit you and pray for you.

Contact: David Logan (323) 934-9841

Visiting Ministry

This ministry offers a way to connect with All Saints’ and the Episcopal Church when you’re confined to home.

Our visiting ministry is comprised of trained lay pastors who provide one- on-one care for individuals who request support. The confidential care-giver and care-receiver relationship, usually conducted by regular visits, may continue long-term.

Contact: Tim Blair (323) 469-3635

Calling and Card Ministry

This is a ministry that serves you when you’re homebound and suffering from long-term illness.

All Saints’ Calling and Card Ministry at All Saints’ reaches out to you with greetings via letters, cards and phone calls. Are you homebound and desiring of a phone conversation? Do you know someone who would appreciate a note of support via mail? You’re invited to share your need with us.

Contact: Norma Hunt-Allen (310) 384-2042

Prayer List

At almost every worship service, we pray as a community for those who have asked for our prayers.

If you would like to be included or if you know of anyone you wish to be included in the Prayer List, please contact us.

Contact: Rev. Allison English (310) 275-0123 x109

Prayer Team Ministry

Are you in need of prayers of intercession and healing?

The Prayer Team at All Saints’ prays with you when you desire intercession or healing. Members of the Team are available every Sunday following the 10:00 a.m. service in the Memorial Chapel (the Santa Monica Blvd. side of the main sanctuary).

Contact: Pam Morrow (310) 559-1755


This is the All Saints’ ministry that offers seniors community, education and fun.

If you’re a senior looking for opportunities to connect at All Saints’, SAGES is the answer. It’s a great way to enjoy the fellowship, care, and support of a very important community at All Saints’. SAGES luncheons are every other Thursday.

Contact: Rev. Nat Katz (310) 275-0123 x104

Advocacy Resources

We are blessed with many parishioners who have both extensive and quite specific life experience they want to make available to you.

If you’re facing a particular challenge in your life, please contact us to find out if there’s someone with appropriate experience that will be an advocate for you.
If you have a special area of expertise and would like to be an advocate, please contact Rev. Allison English.

Contact: Rev. Allison English (310) 275-0123 x109

Bereavement Ministry

This is a ministry to those facing the end of life, and to their loved ones – from the time of death, through the funeral, and during the process of grieving.

Our Bereavement Team provides a pastoral presence to families and friends of the departed at each funeral and memorial service at All Saints’.

Contact: Desiree DeAscentis

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