Children and youth are the life’s blood of this church community. They’re the energy and effervescence of God’s love. All Saints’ values children, celebrating their uniqueness and teaching them that they are unconditionally loved. We welcome families of all sizes, ages, descriptions and configurations to worship, pray, play and grow at All Saints’. We do this together through a variety of ways, at the heart of which is spiritual formation—we offer children and youth Christian education programs through age 18. Partnering with young people on their journey to adulthood is the main focus of this ministry. Our goal is to plant seeds of faith that will nurture and sustain them—to root our young people in a Christ centered life.

That journey begins in Tiny Church, a low threshold, soft start for our littlest saints. Through interactive play in the nursery, quiet play in the soft space, Baptism class in preparation for Christening or simple exposure to the campus and playground, babies and toddlers (ages 0–2) and their families are warmly invited into our Christian family.

Children transition to become Explorers starting at age 3. Explorers use the Godly play curriculum designed to help children “explore their faith through story, to gain religious language and to enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play.” Through this structured, Biblical story telling, children bond and learn about God’s love for them.
Young people enter the NEST—Next Exciting Steps for Tweens—in grade 4. Using the Weaving God’s Promises curriculum, this branch of ministry exposes tweens to spiritual lives outside of themselves—how do they see the world around them? How do they respond to that world in their own circles of family, school and church?

As teens, young people enter the CAST—the Community of All Saints’ Teens—which uses a unique, dynamic curriculum written by volunteer youth leaders. In this phase, teens not only dive into discussions about current events, peer dynamics and more, but they venture out into the world to learn about themselves, each other and to spread the love of God. Teen opportunities extend Diocesan-wide to foster a relationship between our youth and the larger church through events like the Bishop’s Ball that All Saints’ is hosting next and the Diocesan Youth Pilgrimage to Jerusalem this August.

We also value family fellowship, offering ways to interact both in and outside of Sunday mornings with outings such as the summer Dodger Night, the Advent Caroling Party, the Spring Fair, special Easter offerings for children, the Pre-Lenten Pancake Supper and the upcoming exciting Labor Day Family Camp.

Children Youth and Family Ministries are almost a church within a church. Children and adolescents celebrate God in their classrooms, join worship and prayer in the sanctuary, and plan and host fundraisers to support individualized youth and family outreach. Our young people help lead worship through choristers and acolytes. They facilitate chorister led evensong, youth led Stations of the Cross and children led Christmas Pageants. Families seek pastoral care publicly on social media and privately with staff, including parent-to-parent and peer-to-peer relationships, weekly at the Sunday sign in tables, in the hallways and on the playground. Families are encouraged to participate in the Love. Serve. Give Children’s Stewardship Model and all of our young people know how to evacuate the campus due to rigorous safety and emergency standards. This is one of the largest volunteer guided ministries at All Saints’ Parish—all of the wonderful offerings, outings and classes are facilitated, led and taught by trained, dedicated, and vetted volunteers. Their involvement and commitment further underscores the vitality of this ministry.

Our families, children and youth embody worship, education, outreach, volunteerism, service and stewardship. If you would like to know more about any facet of this thriving ministry, please contact Karlyn Johnson Brown, Director of Youth and Family Ministries at

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