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You’ve probably already figured out that we have three Sunday services at 8:00, 10:00 and 11:30 am, but All Saints’  is about so much more than Sunday morning. To find out what else goes on here, go to the Lower Sweetland Hall (across the patio from the church) and head to the Genesis Bar. Find someone wearing an ‘Ask Me’ apron and he or she will answer all your questions. It’s a great starting point for getting to know more about All Saints’ (sort of what you’d expect from a bar called Genesis).

On Sundays, the Lower Sweetland Hall becomes ‘The Marketplace’ with our new enlarged Bookstore and a  year-round ministry fair that enables you to check out what the different ministries at All Saints’ are all about, while enjoying a cup of coffee and a donut or a piece of our famous banana bread.

Looking for a church home? Or, you’ve been worshiping with us for a while and wondering  how you ‘make it official’ – read on!

The Four Elements of Membership at All Saints’

Baptism – Think that if you weren’t baptized as a child, it’s too late? Nothing could be further from the truth! In fact, the Bible is all about baptism as a choice made by adults for themselves and their lives going forward. To be “marked as Christ’s own forever” is the basic statement of membership in the church, and one that is open to all.

Attendance – “Attendance” is more than just showing up on Sunday. When we choose to worship together, to share communion together and to live out our lives together in community, we show a deep commitment to the church that brings us together as members. It’s been said that “You can’t be a Christian alone,” and we believe that is true. We live this Christian life together, and in doing so, we are the Church.

Serving Others– The weak and poor hold a special place in Jesus’s Kingdom, and it’s up to us, as living members of that Kingdom, to care for those in need. We do that in many, many ways here at All Saints’ and it’s a responsibility, and a gift, of being a member.

Financial Pledging – Nothing that happens here would happen without the financial support of every member. There would be no worship, no music, no children’s programs, no classes, no social justice work, no donuts and no coffee if not for the regular financial pledging of all. Our pledge is one of the most meaningful ways we live into our membership here at All Saints’. Each one of us helps to make what happens here possible and that, in turn, makes so much possible for us.

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