To Kill a Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird

For the second year, summer theater is coming to All Saints’! Member James Chalke is producing and directing Harper Lee’s timeless story of racial prejudice and the loss of innocence, with a cast and crew that includes many All Saints’parishioners.

Performances will run for two weekends, July 21, 22 and 23, and July 28, 29 and 30. Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 pm. Sundays at 5:00.

Tickets are $75 for Opening Night with a post-show VIP Reception and $50 for Preferred Seating or $25 for General Seating. All net proceeds will go to support our own efforts to bring equality and justice to those in need through our Outreach Ministries.

Tickets can be purchased on the patio or by selecting a showtime below.


Click here to read full bios of the cast.


James Chalke … Atticus Finch
Venera Barsukova … Jean Louis Finch (Scout)
Spencer Steinbrecher … Jeremy Finch (Jem)
Sharon Harper … Calpurnia
Veralyn Venezio … Maudie Atkinson
Lisa London … Stephanie Crawford
Jervelle Houston … Tom Robinson
Brynda Mattox … Mrs. Dubose
Leslie Barnard … Mrs. Dubose
William Kelleher … Charles Baker Harris (Dill)
Regen Wilson … Heck Tate
Bill Givens … Judge Taylor
Peter Ciarcia … Judge Taylor/Mr. Cunningham
James Taylor … Reverend Sykes
Michelle Stratton … Mayella Ewell
Robert Ambrose … Bob Ewell
Henry Lide … Mr. Cunningham
Morris Schorr … Mr. Gilmer
Bryan Zampella … Fourth Man

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