Worship Services

Worship Services

Worship is central to our communal life at All Saints’. As Episcopalians, our identity is not defined by a set of theological beliefs. Instead, we find our sense of identity in common worship. As individuals, we may hold different theological and political beliefs. But when we gather for worship, we form one body of Christ, striving to grow into our potential as Children of God.

Our worship life revolves around Sundays, when we commemorate God’s undying love for us in Jesus Christ. We offer three Sunday services at All Saints’ that follow, or are guided by, the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer.

Sunday Services

8:00 AM, All Saints’ Chapel

A spoken service featuring readings, prayer and sermon, culminating in Holy Communion, offered in the intimate setting of our Chapel.

No children and family programming is offered during this service.

10:00 AM, Main Sanctuary

A festive service of Holy Communion with hymns and sacred musical offerings from All Saints’ glorious Music Ministries, including choir and organ.

Choral Music
Youth and Family programs
Current and past sermons

11:30 AM, All Saints’ Chapel


AS2 offers a less formal approach to word and sacrament. Our AS2 band plays music from popular and old time Gospel songbooks to prepare us to hear the Good News read and reflected on – often with time for conversation. We finish in a circle, serving Communion to one another.

Youth and Family programs

Beyond Sunday Morning

At various points throughout the year, special services are offered that provide different opportunities to worship God through readings, music and prayer. Some reflect the rhythm of the Christian life and practice – Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week and Easter, to name a few.

There are other services offered on an occasional basis that draw upon the musical talent of our community to draw us into intimate, meditative relationship with God: Evensong and Taize.


Worship in the Style of Taizé

Amid the glow of a candlelit sanctuary, these quiet, occasional Wednesday evening services are a popular, peace-filled way to relax into the weekend.

This worship tradition began many years ago in the ecumenical French monastic community called Taizé. Held at All Saints’ in the darkened, richly resonant space of our beautiful Church, where candle light and the parish icon of Christ create a warm and intimate resting place, our Taizé services provide an uncomplicated framework for quiet meditation, reflection, readings and music.

The experience finds its true meaning in the active participation of all assembled by focusing and deepening our faith through the power of prayer. Therefore, all are encouraged to participate as the Spirit moves them, whether that be in song, prayer, or quiet meditation.

Many of our modern efforts to satisfy personal needs involve seeking an endless array of entertainments. We have “busy” souls. The liturgy that has developed around the Taizé community is primarily for the worship of God, but it is also meant to quiet the soul. This quietness does not happen at once, but gradually during the worship. There is repetition in the words of the music, there are periods of silence, and the readings are read slowly – all so that a deep quiet may grow in our hearts. Then we may be still and be at peace in the Presence of God.



Opportunities abound to experience the beauty of holiness within these quintessentially Anglican services. Evensong, or sung Evening Prayer, has, since the 16th century, provided a daily opportunity for stillness, meditation, prayer and praise in cathedrals, chapels, and great parish churches of England, and today is sung regularly throughout the Anglican Communion. This service is regularly offered throughout the year.

Holy Week and Easter

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